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We offer the highest quality and affordable outdoor teak furniture products to the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California including San Jose, Napa, Sonoma, Marin, Berkeley, Oakland, Santa Clara, the peninsula, San Mateo, and all of the east bay and south bay, directly from Central Java. All our products are made of only the finest quality, plantation grown, sustainable “Grade A” teak available. It is harvested from government regulated plantations on the island of Java, Indonesia in accordance with the strictest sustainable practices. The island of Java is The Java Teak Deluxe Steamerrecognized for producing the highest quality teak as the climate and volcanic soil are ideal for optimizing teak yield. Teak is the ideal wood for outdoor living because it has a naturally high rubber and oil content, withstanding the elements for many years. Our teak is kiln dried for four weeks (vs. the normal two weeks) to 12% residual moisture to reduce swelling, warping, and cracking for decades of enjoyment. All our teak furniture is built with mortise and tenon construction and sanded to a smooth finish. To withstand the elements we use only brass and stainless steel fittings. We have developed a product mix that includes only the most sturdy, durable and stylish pieces, always seeking the most innovative and latest designs. Look for our specials on teak furniture sets on sale and get big savings.
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