Travels – Java Teak Outdoor Furniture


One of my greatest joys in this business is to travel to Indonesia. I usually go for a couple of weeks each year in December, our slowest time. The most direct way is to fly into Bali…OK, if I must :-). Since it is halfway around the world and I’m spending 22 hours on a plane, it doesn’t make sense to miss the sites and experiences of Indonesia while I’m conducting business, right? Having two small children, it’s not practical for my wife to join me; so I’m usually solo on these trips. I’ve learned to really enjoy this. I can do exactly what I want, when I want. Since I travel off-season and only make one hotel reservation – the night I arrive – if not enjoying a particular place, I pick up and leave. I carry only a backpack, and just grab a scooter or taxi to go anywhere my guide book or fellow travelers recommend. This has allowed me to explore the islands of Bali, Java, and Lombok extensively.

This past year I chose to spend some time on Lombok. It’s a 20 min flight or a three to eight hour boat ride (depending on how much money you want to spend and if you mind riding with chickens and goats) from Bali. Lombok is like Bali 30 years ago; very green, laid back, and delightfully uncrowded. After dropping my bags at an inexpensive hotel ($40 for a bungalow on the beach) I rented a brand new scooter for $5 and was off. Just driving along palm tree lined streets from village to village is liberating. I had no agenda and didn’t even bring my watch. I stopped for lunch and snacks at local shops and enjoyed the day. I was out for hours until I returned to my bungalow with a cold Bintang to watch the sunset. Not a bad way to start a business trip…