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Our unique business model enables Java Teak to offer the highest quality outdoor teak furniture at wholesale prices directly from Central Java to the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, and Nevada. All our products are crafted using the highest quality, sustainably produced, plantation grown, “Grade A” teak available. Our teak is harvested from government regulated plantations on the island of Java, Indonesia in strict accordance with sustainable practices. The Island of Java is widely recognized as the best region for teak production as its warm tropical climate and volcanic soil are ideal for optimal quality and yeild. Teak is the perfect wood for outdoor living as it is very dense with a high rubber and oil content and withstands the elements for many years. Our teak is kiln dried for four weeks (vs. the normal two weeks) to ensure 12% residual moisture which reduces swelling, warping, and cracking so you can enjoy it for decades. All our products are constructed with "mortise and tenon" joinery and sanded to a baby-smooth finish. Check out our "SPECIALS" page for deeper discounts on dining and deep seating sets.