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Why are Teak Wood Tables Considered Low Maintenance?

Teak is considered one of the most durable and resilient woods available today. The hardwood stand withstand outdoor weather conditions, is naturally resistant to decay and pests, and can become even more beautiful with age. Teak wood tables don’t require too much care, which one of the reasons why many homeowners are willing to spend a little more for good-quality handcrafted teak table. Here are some reasons why teak wood tables are considered low-maintenance:

  1. Resistant to termite and fungus

Extensive wood furniture maintenance is essential to protect the furniture pieces from termite and fungus. Fortunately, teak has natural oils and silica in it that makes it more resistant to these infestations. This reduces the amount of time and effort needed to maintain teak tables.

  1. Cleaning is easy

Cleaning teak tables is very easy, which makes them ideal for people who like to host parties and gatherings. If a guest spills food or drinks on the table, a few swipes with a damp cloth can easily clean it. It’s a good idea to clean up spills immediately, but teak is relatively stain resistant if it’s treated well.

  1. Maintaining its appearance is easy

Teak tables don’t need to be painted and polished regularly. The natural wear brings out the beautiful grain design and gives it an elegant appearance. It’s easy to enhance the natural beauty of this wood by applying teak wood oil. These specialized oils offer additional UV protection and resistance to mildew. The oil can be applied every 2 to 3 months after cleaning the pieces carefully. It’s never a good idea to apply the oil on unclean teak tables as it will only trap the dirt and grime from old oil underneath the new coat.

This easy maintenance and durability makes teak wood tables a popular choice, especially in Northern California.