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Different Types of Garden Teak Furniture

Garden Teak Furniture

Choosing good outdoor furniture can be a hassle because these items should blend in well with the architecture and décor of the property. Homeowners need to be especially carefully if they intend to invest in good-quality, handmade, and relatively pricey garden teak furniture.

Teak furniture is durable, fairly resistant to outdoor weather conditions, and easy to maintain. These qualities make teak furniture an attractive option for homeowners in Northern California. Here are some of the common types of garden furniture pieces and their purpose:

  1. Garden benches

Garden benches are very popular. They have a rustic vibe and can easily fit into all likes of gardens. As teak wood is very resilient and can withstand the outdoor conditions, teak garden benches last longer than most options available in the market. Benches provide a place to sit and can be considered accent pieces to the garden design. It’s easy to make these pieces a little more comfortable by placing outdoor cushions and upholstery on them.

  1. Chairs, table, and umbrella

A set of small chairs, table, and an umbrella is a perfect addition to any garden. Homeowners can spend time with their family and friends comfortably in the garden. The umbrella can provide shelter from the sun or a light drizzle, and allow people to spend more time outside. Garden teak furniture sets won’t wear down as easily so homeowners can enjoy a comfortable outdoor seating area for a long time.

  1. Loungers

Loungers are very comfortable and perfect for a garden or patio. People can lie down and soak in some of the sun, enjoy a book, and just relax. Teak loungers are very versatile and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Aside from the garden teak furniture items mentioned above, homeowners can also install deep seating chairs, dining sets, and similar teak furniture in their garden.  These pieces will be a great addition and you can include them in your garden upgrade project just before spring.